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Xerox partner Harel Mallac Bureautique repositions its business, rebrands to EO Solutions

Mauritian long-term Xerox partner Harel Mallac Bureautique has recently changed its name to EO Solutions (EO) as part of its rebranding and repositioning. The company aims to be viewed as a "one-stop shop" provider for workplace systems and solutions to improve productivity. At a customer launch event held at Casela World of Adventures, Cascavelle, in May, Alain Ah-Sue, MD of EO explained the company's repositioning: "Our evolution from year to year has led us to expand our services and the range of products proposed to do more than office automation."

Digital Transformation, MPS and Devices: Making the Digital Workplace a Reality

There’s an opportunity to fire your business up to the next level, but it’s really not a choice. If you don’t innovate the way you work and connect, you risk being left behind, and that includes being abandoned by customers and business partners.

Inkfish improves production quality with Xerox

Digital print and signage company Inkfish has improved its digital print and production capabilities with a new Xerox Versant 80 from Cape Office Machines and Bytes Document Solutions (BDS). BDS is the authorised Xerox distributor in 26 Sub-Saharan countries and a part of the telecommunications, multi-media and information technology (TMT) organisation of Altron, the parent holding company.