Production Software


Your business success depends on effective solutions to expand your market reach, efficient work processes to streamline document production and creative print and electronic offerings that differentiate your company. Award-winning printing and software solutions from Xerox and Xerox Business Innovation Partners help you automate your everyday operations, optimise your printing investments and enable new revenue streams through creative products and services. Our production software solutions include the following:

  • Xerox IntegratedPlus Automated Colour Management
    Ideal for customers who need to colour manage multiple presses at one or multiple locations, IntegratedPLUS Automated Colour Management offers web-hosted colour management that's seamlessly integrated with production printing devices. This solution provides simple controls to easily monitor print devices and centrally colour manage a fleet of presses. Find out more about this quick, accurate, productive automated colour management solution.

  • Xerox IntegratedPlus Finishing Solution
    All job preparation and finishing setup are automatic, which lets you produce more jobs with less cost and faster turnaround. For booklet production, this breakthrough solution combines the efficiency of in-line finishing with the flexibility of off-line finishing in a single solution. Eliminate finishing bottlenecks with in-line/off-line/dual-mode automation. This is the first truly start-to-finish workflow solution of its kind: a suite of fully integrated hardware and software components that automate all the critical aspects of your production and finishing processes so you can flexibly produce more booklet jobs. Find out more about this finishing solution.

  • FreeFlow Makeready
    Preparing complex documents day in and day out for print production can be labour-intensive, especially when combining electronic and scanned inputs into a single job. Save time and money by automating laborious prepress tasks with Xerox® FreeFlow Makeready® Software – a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) job preparation tool, with basic imposition, tab programming and even simplified colour management and personalisation. Now your everyday complex jobs are suddenly simple. Find out more about this advanced prepress solution.

  • FreeFlow Output Manager
    This production software solution boosts production capacity by leveraging your digital printing resources and cost-effectively printing mixed monochrome and colour jobs. It also lowers your print production costs by maximising the use of digital printing assets, reducing labour needs and automating print job routing. Find out more about FreeFlow Output Manager.

  • Xerox FreeFlow Print Server
    This solution delivers the performance and productivity to meet demands of the Graphic Communications market and it facilitates a robust workflow using Job, Queue, Resource and Colour management. If you are looking for performance, robustness and accuracy to meet the most demanding production requirements, then find out more about Xerox FreeFlow Print Server.

  • FreeFlow Core
    FreeFlow Core automates the process steps required to prepare a job for print. Core's flexibility and scalability; including on-premise and cloud configurations; means there is an automation solution for any size print shop. Start automating your print manufacturing processes today and set the groundwork for multichannel communications tomorrow. Learn more about FreeFlow Core.

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